Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011- The Year Polka Broke

Happy new year ladettes and gentrymen from your friends The Honey Pies. 2010 was a fun year for us. We played a lot of shows. We made an album. And on it's surface, 2011 is looking to be much the same. We're already booked to play a lot of shows, and we're planning to put out another album within the year. But... who knows what surprises we might be in for.

Our album 'Think of England' is now available for sale over at bandcamp, and it'll turn up on iTunes soon. You can also purchase CD copies of the album at the bandcamp page or at any of our gigs. I am told the vinyl copies of our album are due any day now, and we'll have those available at gigs as well. The response to the album so far has been quite positive and it's really interesting hearing what different people take away from it. Local-music-aficionado and alleged cult-leader Spoz recently declared it to be "Best Local Album of the Year". Sure, it's no Rolling Stone cover, but its gotta be worth at least a dozen ARIAS. At least to me.

Loads of shows coming up. Tony and I (Jon. Hi.) are playing a lot of acoustic shows to test out some new songs. In February we've got two shows we're really excited about... Playing at Rymil Park for the Fuse Festival opening, and playing Adelaide Unibar with Leader Cheetah and The Jezabels. Its a ways-off but we're also playing a residency at the Grace Emily in June.

Also, I've updated the site a little to make it easier to navigate and I've added an email list you're welcome to sign up for. That's about all for now. Hope this finds you well. Jon.