Monday, August 29, 2011

The Honey Pies have just finished 5 days of recording our untitled second album. It's sounding great and we'd really like to get it into your hands, and ears, as soon as possible. We've paid for the first part of the recording process ourselves, and we're looking for the funds to finish the job (mixing, mastering and printing). We will be covering the lion's share of the album's budget ourselves, but a little assistance from friends of the band will help us to release the album a lot sooner than if we do it all ourselves.

We're trying to raise $3000. What we need is 100 people who are willing to pay $30, for which they will receive ENTRY TO THE LAUNCH PARTY ($10 value), a CD COPY OF THE ALBUM ($20 value), and a bunch of bonus goodies as well (details below). Essentially, you're pre-paying for the record, which will be released later this year. If you were going to buy the album and coming to launch anyway, it might be worth paying upfront now, getting a few bonus bits and pieces and doing a totally good deed at the same time.

$30 gets you:

1 x CD copy of ALBUM #2
1 x Pre-release digital download of ALBUM #2
1 x Entry to Adelaide launch-party for ALBUM #2
1 x Digital download of Bonus EP 'Thank You For Being a Friend', including home recordings and a demo version of 'My O My O Me O My' recorded in preparation for ALBUM #2
1 x Vote for ALBUM #2's title from a shortlist provided by the band. Title with most votes will be the album's title
1 x PDF E-book featuring chords/lyrics for all songs from The Honey Pies' first record 'Think of England'
1 x Digital copy of The Honey Pies' first album 'Think of England'
1 x Selection of pages from the 'Hair of the Dog' animated music video
1 x A3 Poster