Saturday, March 17, 2012

This is Jon with a quick update from The Honey Pies. Just a quick heads up to let you know I'll be going to America in May and June to travel. Going to take a guitar with me a hopefully play a few shows here and there if they'll have me. When I get back in July, we'll be rehearsing heavily and playing our Friday residency at the Grace, with the view to record our third album in August, and fingers-crossed, have it out by year's end.

Still got a few shows in April before I go though, with The Rubens and two nights with Ball Park Music (which I believe have sold out). We've been testing out new songs "Game Show" and "Nietzche" and we'll be testing out a few others in the coming weeks as well. I hope this message finds you well. Your friend in time, Dr. Emmett Brown.