Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last Jade Monkey Show and New Album!

Greetings from myself and the fellers. A few things, and I'll brief because I'm schleepy.

a) Click the above picture for a laugh.

b) We're playing our last ever Jade Monkey show this Saturday. Played my first real show there, years ago now, and I'm glad to get to play there once more before it shuts it's doors. I'm sure a lot of other bands around town are feeling exactly the same. Sad to see it go, but I'm excited about whatever Zac and Naomi decide to do next. The show is being presented by Play/Pause/Play and features Ricochet Pete and Quiet in the Lab. Click here for the Facebook page.

c) We've been rehearsing like mad to record our third album, which we're doing from this coming Saturday (yes, the same Saturday we have a show on. Yes, we're idiots). Songs are- Game Show, Nietzche, Drinking Alone, Poor Michelle, Four Letter Word, Kindest of Regards, Shadowplay, I'm The One You Want, Dandylions, Concubine, Times New Roman and Huckleberries. Aiming for a December release, and hoping to tour nationally a little in the new year.

We'll try post some photos/videos/tweets/etceteras while we're recording.