Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Latest News from the Raddest Radsters in Radelaide

Hello. Jon here with a few bits and pieces from Honey Pisland ("Pie-Land").

First of all, since Myspace is basically dead and I have never been one for necrophilia, The Honey Pies have conjured up this spiffy new webzone. It's a launching pad to pretty much every other site we are a member of, and is also the place to get all the up to date information about gigs and band news. Because we are still in what Kubler-Ross posited to be the first stage of grief -denial- we will still be keeping the myspace up to date with gig information and checking our inbox there. However, this site will be the more reliable source of all things Honey Pie, and our email is still the best way to correspond with us. That, or write us a letter. I can scarcely remember the last time I received a letter.

The band is taking the next month off from shows to rehearse some new songs, and I am playing a few acoustic pop-ins here and there. We are heading over to Sydney on the weekend of June 25th to play (fingers crossed) a few shows and it is looking like we might head over to do the same in Melbourne (toes crossed) around August. All that and we're still aiming to have our debut album -that old chestnut, I know- out this year... Quite a lot on our plate, or dish as it were (pie-dish, keep up would you), and once again, this site will be the place to hear all about it.

Stay out of my liquor,