Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Honey Pies First Intercolonial Forays

This June sees us Honey Pies leave our beloved (or is that beleaguered?) Adelaide, to venture interstate for the first time, hopefully the first of many. We've six shows lined up in Melbourne and Sydney, with some uberwunderbands (check "Upcoming Shows" section for more details), and in keeping with this intercolonial theme, on June 5th we will be opening for Sydney band Parades at the Ed Castle in Adelaide. Since Powderfinger has called it quits, we've decided to be the new politically-minded, socially-conscious provocateurs of Australian rock, and as such, we will NOT be playing any Canberra shows during this tour: in protest of the government, man.

Also we didn't get offered any shows there.

Nonetheless, its an exciting month for us, and without saying too much, our July is looking even better. Until next time, friends.