Wednesday, March 9, 2011


After rocking-out the rained-out Fuse Festival and a sold-out Adelaide Uni O-Live, the worn-out Honey Pies have taken some time-out this month to hang-out and rehearse. Come-out to the Grace Emily on March 26th to hear the boys try-out some new material, with their far-out friends Danvers & Ghost Knife and Lenin-McCarthy...Because with-out you, its just not a party.

Money-permitting, we'd like to put out another record later this year so we've been practising a few brand new songs, and some old ones that didn't see the first album. We'll pretty much learn a whole bunch of songs then work out a dozen or so that work together. New song titles include: My O My O Me O My, Falling Sky/Henny Penny, Rubix Cube, Houndstooth, Baby Girl, Guy Fawkes Day, Yours to Keep, I Heart NY, Candlelight, Vespa, Banana Republic, Kim Jong Il... We'll be trying some of these out on the 26th but if you yell out something you want to hear from the album we'll play it too. The Grace Emily is where we've played some of our favourite shows, as you can see from our upcoming gigs section ---> we're playing there quite a lot in the next few months, so it should be a good one and we've of course love to see you there.