Wednesday, March 23, 2011

'Don't Mention the War' Video

'Dont Mention the War' - youtube | vimeo

This is our* new music video for the song 'Don't Mention the War', from the album 'Think of England'. We feel it is pretty self-explanatory.

We're working on a few videos in-house and we'll release them as they're (read: if they're) completed. Since a video is really a bit of a luxury for a piss ant band like ours, they're all being done on the cheap (in every sense of the word, as you can see) for a bit of a laugh. What little cash we have, we just put towards recording/touring/lapdances. We were inspired by Ariel Pink's 'Round and Round' video which was shot on Wayne Coyne's phone.

We're debuting a bunch of new songs at the GRACE EMILY this Saturday night (MAR 26). Danvers & Ghost Knife and Lenin-McCarthy are opening. It would be an honour and a privilege to see you there. (Facebook invite here)

(PS. Obviously we want to avoid any unnecessary confrontation that might arise as a result of this video, so please, if you are friends or friends of friends with Gary Busey, please don't let him know about this video. We are fucking terrified of him.)