Saturday, May 28, 2011


Allo, allo, allo. Jon here with a quick update from The Honey Pies.

First things first, we've been cutting back on the shows a little but we're getting back into the swing o' shit this Friday, and every Friday hence throughout June. We're playing a residency at the Grace Emily, which is in the opinion of this Honey Pie one of the finest establishments in Adelaide. For those of y'all who can only read caps: that's every FRIDAY night in JUNE at the GRACE EMILY.

We've hand-picked a bunch of our favourite and best friends acts to play with us every week, it's going to be a legitimate owl-call*

JUNE 3: July Days (Melbourne) and the All Night Girls
JUNE 10: The Sunday Gang and Mountbatten
JUNE 17: See Ollie Run and Curtis and Behan & Montgomery
JUNE 24: Danvers & Ghost Knife and The Bon fucking Scotts

If you've seen us play lately you'll have noticed we're playing mostly new songs lately. We're aiming to have introduced a new album's worth of material by the end of June, and we're also hoping to have a very special surprise for the last show of the month. As for other Honey Pies news, we're working on 3 more lo-fi music videos for Think of England... They'll be released as they're ready. We've begun demoing for our second record (out this year, or early next) and we'll have more propaganda about that as it arises.

Stay out of the rain! Jon

*- "A real hoot"